Since Conceived in 2011, REINKARNASI is a Creation statement based on the urge and desire to give an opportunity to express their individuality. Inspired by past grunge music icons and contrasting elements: Modernity and Ancestral, Religious, Anarchy and Multiculturalism in Art and Music ... and it's more than just a lifestyle revolution.

REINKARNASI Designs Men's and Women's Ready-to-wear Clothing with Details and motive with shape and Graphic that crafted from a stunningly soft cotton that we used. Each style is processed by Handmade and uniquely treatment for vintage looks and to give each piece its own character and personal style, as we want to provide the necessities of rock n roll lifestyle community with characteristic collection.

Recent history proves the extent to which rock stars influence the style of the younger generations – fashion on the concert stage is the precursor of the fashion in the streets.
ROCK’in YOUR SOUL …..!!!