Reinkarnasi is an "innovative" concept of collection and the creation of a brand able represent the Authentic, modern and dynamic design with impressive expression by strong identity. Who stands out in the crowd without trying.

Each style has a different treatment when the process is made, with signature graphic art prints are cleverly tailored to flatter the body in a soft meets bold design approach. not yet the dynamic's shape and silhouettes, pairs with grunge culture with a modern twist and cutting-edge cool to be current yet timeless. from this pairs REINKARNASI seamlessly embodies avant-garde aesthetic. committed to creating thoughtfully produced, socially responsible garments that you can feel great about wearing on the inside, and out. Each garment is made in strictly limited numbers.

Not only intimate with every detail of how our products are made but most importantly, Our Product is support with amazing Indonesian artisans in crafting beautiful handmade products. Tradition and innovation combine to give life to garments with a great visual and qualitative impact, embracing the needs of an ageless target.

“Everyone can make good vibes with impressive expression by strong identity. You can feel it when you wore it".