REINKARNASI Collection is for the personality who calm, Confidence yet has rebellious soul. inspired by the Grunge lifestyle, legendary icons, historical philosophy that mixed with dedicated distinctive craftsmanship to flatter the body in a soft meets hard design approach. freedom is key.

Each style is treated and through unique ways manufacturing process, with signature graphic art prints cleverly designed. Not to mention the dynamic shapes and silhouettes, mix and match with grunge culture with a modern touch and the latest cool to be contemporary. REINKARNASI seamlessly embodies the avant-garde aesthetic. is committed to creating carefully produced and socially responsible clothing that you can feel comfortable wearing inside and out. 

Not only familiar with every detail of how our products are made but most importantly, Our Products are backed by extraordinary Indonesian craftsmen in making beautiful handcrafted products. Tradition and innovation combine to bring clothing to life with extraordinary visual and qualitative impact, meeting a timeless need.

Development of a signature aesthetic amongst fits, fabrications and image. REINKARNASI is about moving you from city to mingle in pleasure with free-flowing ease.
We believe everyone can feel confident with impressive expressions, strong identity and the very best they can be.” With REINKARNASI you can’t help it.